Simple, Fast! This is what we do for you!

Just drag and drop your images to the windows and pack it up. No more step and effort you pay. We simplify your life and work.
No software to download. All you need is your updated browsers (Firefox & Chrome).
Supported file types are : gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

What is this?

This is Photoczip, a free and simple and handy tool for you to compress large size photos in your desktop, smart phone and tablet.

Nice and good quality

Compress image with best ratio without affect original image quality. The image size ONLY LESS THAN 1MB.

Anything loss? No, we keep Jpeg EXIF

Retain Jpeg EXIF information after images compression & resize.

Single Image? No

We compress all your photos together.
One step to compress and zip all your compressed
images together.

Drag website image directly

You can drag and drop Internet image directly. We help you download and compress ON THE FLY

Android App

We make an App for you to do your job easier
on your mobile phone.